Brattlandsdalen footbridge

Statens Vegvesen wanted to replace an existing pedestrian bridge in the Brattlandsdalen along the Rv. 13. The municipality of Suldal in Rogalang was looking for a possible quick solution with a long service life and minimal maintenance. The bridge should be about 20 meters long and installed in the calendar year 2021. Statens Vegvesen has chosen the JPB-ped system. This system best met the set requirements.

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Szczegóły projektu

Kładka dla pieszych
Total length
21 m
Usable width
2,5 m
Długość sekcji
3,05 m
Own weight
14 ton
Type of traffic
Design load
Pedestrians 5kN/m² + snow 4.75kN/m²
Kładka dla pieszych