Heavy duty bridges Pemba - Mozambique

Delivery and installation of a 48 meter and a 44 meter long Heavy Duty Panel Bridge as a linkspan from shore to a pontoon.

The facility is needed to create a temporary harbour facility for loading and offloading supplier vessels. Supply included launching equipment and tools, supervision on (pre)assembly and launching and engineering works.


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Szczegóły projektu

Truss bridge
Bollore Africa Logistics, ENH Logistics S.A.
Number of Bridges
Bridge Length
48 meter, 44 meter
Bridge width
6 meter
2013, 2019
Truss bridge
  • After finding large quantities of gas off the coast of Cabo Delgado large oil and gas companies have invested in building up the infrastructure to extract, liquefy and export the gas. 
  • Janson Bridging's RoRo solution was part of the marine infrastructure increasing the port capacity of Pemba.